New Frontiers in Whole-Organ Light Sheet Microscopy

Gain an understanding of how you can apply this cutting-edge technology to your research

Over the past decade, light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) and tissue clearing technologies have opened new frontiers in fluorescent three-dimensional imaging. The ability to image whole organs and perform large-scale quantitative analysis has enabled a wide range of high-impact translational research, such as brain mapping, tumor vascularization, whole mouse metastasis analysis and much more.

In this webinar series, you will:

  • Get an introduction to whole-organ LSFM
  • Discover research applications and methods at the leading edge of this exciting field
  • See the newest technology that is pushing boundaries back even further

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Mesoscopic Whole-Organ Imaging: Experimental Models and Diagnostic Potential

Now on demand

Discover how combining tissue clearing with light sheet fluorescence microscopy enables imaging of organ models with cellular resolution in various settings, from research using animal models to clinical settings.


The UltraMicroscope Blaze™: Automated 3D imaging on an unprecedented scale

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Get a detailed look at the new UltraMicroscope Blaze, a next-generation, fully automated light sheet imaging system that can, image very large samples such as a whole, optically cleared mouse body while capturing cellular detail at submicron resolution.


UltraMicroscope Blaze™ live instrument demonstration

Now on demand

In this live demo, you'll see how to operate the UltraMicroscope Blaze and learn first hand from our imaging experts how this microscope works, from setting up to sample switching and data export.